2022 Kitchen Trends

Every year we can see new trends and designs appearing into our kitchen spaces. In this blog, we will be looking at the latest trends and what we expect to be seeing during this 2022 year including, worktops, cabinets, accessories and much more.


There has been some circulation surrounding bold colours, especially dark, earthy ones. This can be seen to draw inspiration from raw materials and nature. A blog by Home Building explains that green and navy are amongst the most popular. In addition, black kitchens are making a comeback. With the right design and appliances, a kitchen featuring black worktops, walls or cabinets can become a luxury and inviting space to entertain in.

Statement Worktops

Veined marble or statement slabs have been predicted to become more popular this year. This could be for many factors such as bringing more personality into their homes or wanting to make a statement. Houzz conducted a study which suggested that 1/3 of homeowners who are completing renovations are choosing statement granite and quartz worktops.

In addition, marble has been seen to becoming increasingly popular. However, we would not recommend using marble as a worktop as it is a lot less durable than quartz or granite. It would, however, be possible to find a marble-like stone with increased durability, such as the Sergio Bianco Carrara quartz, which is the perfect choice for a kitchen worktop.

Open Display Shelves

Open display shelves are nothing new but are becoming increasingly popular. The style originated from Scandinavian minimalism and has been popular for several years. More and more people are taking to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest to post photos of their carefully curated open shelves. Having open shelves can help keep your kitchen shelves more organised as if it is an open display, you would be conscious of overfilling or cluttering your space.

Home Offices

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way a lot of people live, with many now working from home. Therefore, this year there will be a lot more creative zones with open plan living areas. Even if you cannot make a dedicated area for a home office, even something like a built-in folding desk can make a huge difference.


Both indoor and outdoor kitchens will be seen to have a lot more technology included. Digital technology can range from smart hobs to wireless charging ports under-mounted in your kitchen islands. Furthermore, this would be beneficial to outdoor kitchens as it makes life easier as it can be difficult to always keep an eye on what’s going on!

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