5 Small Organisational Kitchen Ideas 

It could be time to give your kitchen some attention if you have spent hours looking for the perfect container cover, ingredients because you could not find them in your pantry, or battle to keep the kitchen even vaguely clean. Contrary to widely held belief, a functioning kitchen does not require a large amount of room; rather, it depends on how you arrange the space you do have. Therefore, this blog aims to show you 5 small organisational kitchen ideas to keep your kitchen looking its best! 

1. Spice Draws 

Keeping your spices in a drawer can be a fantastic method to keep them close to where you cook or prepare meals, as well as to keep them hidden since they are not out on the counter or in a rack this way. Furthermore, it prevents the spices from taking up valuable cabinet space. Another handy way to keep them organised is to alphabetize them. 

2. Mason Jars

These are ideal for storing items that you use on the regular and are tricky to use in original packaging. For example, these are great for storing pasta and flour. In addition, if you have a lot of open shelves, these can make your kitchen appear more organised. 

Furthermore, there is a new trend going around where you make salads in these jars. Salads in mason jars make the ideal lunch to prepare at home. They are not only a fantastic way to use up leftovers, but they are also simple to prepare beforehand. Check out some of these recipes here. 

3. Utensils Rack

It might be challenging to work in a kitchen that is disorganised and has utensils strewn about. To prepare a meal or experiment with recipes, you would need a calm, relaxing environment. You may keep your workstation organised by grouping your kitchen utensil items according to size or frequency of usage. Most utensil holders have lovely construction that raises the kitchen's aesthetic appeal. 

4. Glass Tupperware

Glass has a nonporous surface which resists the absorption of food and microbes (and smells). Glass can be safely washed in your dishwasher at elevated temperatures. Glass containers may be used and recycled numerous times, which saves you money. 

5. Utilise Wall Space!

A kitchen cabinet or door can be very practical. Everything from your kitchen cleaning supplies on a hanging rack to pan lid organisers. Since hanging door racks can be disassembled into smaller parts easily, they can also be used inside cabinets. 

In addition to being a terrific method to organise and store your beautiful cookware, hanging your pots and pans is also a fantastic way to display it. If you have ever shared an apartment with only one cupboard, you understand how useful this kitchen wall storage solution is. 

Use a knife magnet to hang a few of your frequently used knives there. This could be a serrated knife, a paring knife, or a chef's knife. Keep it nearby for simple bread slicing and vegetable preparation. 

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