Beyond Worktops: Elevating Your Home with Fireplace Hearths

When you think of Portman Stone, you may immediately associate us with stunning kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, or outdoor kitchens. While these are certainly our specialties, we're excited to share that our expertise extends far beyond just worktops. At Portman Stone, we take immense pride in crafting fireplace hearths that can transform the heart of your home into a true masterpiece. Not only must you examine a few crucial safety laws, but you also want to choose one that complements your style.

Read our blog below for tips on what to look for and the best hearth materials if you're not sure where to begin when choosing a new fireplace hearth.

What is a Hearth and Why Do I Need One?

Safety is the primary goal of the fireplace hearth. Open flames should be avoided near flammable objects; instead, a fire should be started on a surface that is resistant to fire and won't break.

There's another use for the section of the fireplace that juts outward. This is referred regarded as the "hearth extension" and is installed to collect ash, embers, and other potentially flammable items.

In addition to adding to the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace, fireplace hearths guarantee that hot objects that may burn people are kept a safe distance away.

What Materials Should I Use for a Hearth?

It might be a little challenging to decide what kind of material to use for your new hearth. It all depends on the type of fire you have or even if it is functional. Typically, granite is the most recommended for natural fireplaces, and quartz or granite for electric fireplaces.

Why is Granite the Most Popular Choice for a Hearth?

Granite is resistant to extreme heat and works well with stoves powered by gas, electricity, or solid fuels like coal or wood. Select a granite hearth with a smooth finish and its natural matte colour for a more rustic appearance or go for a polished surface for a trendier style. In addition to being incredibly resilient and long-lasting, granite is also unaffected by extreme heat. Your granite hearths won't need much maintenance after they're installed.

Gas and Electric Fireplace Hearths

Electric fireplaces may not need as many criteria as glass-front gas fires, but they do still need a hearth. Most electric fireplaces don't even need a hearth!

Even in situations where they are not technically essential, hearths are nevertheless in demand. One might be used to provide a buffer between you and hot metal or glass as a safety precaution. On the other hand, you could want one to give your fireplace the classic appearance that a hearth can produce. Without a hearth, a fireplace just isn't a fireplace for a lot of people!

In the world of home design, it's easy to underestimate the significance of a hearth. Yet, when you understand its vital role in safety and style, you realize that a well-chosen hearth can truly elevate your living space. At Portman Stone, our commitment to crafting fireplace hearths is a testament to our dedication to both form and function. Granite, with its resistance to extreme heat and versatility in style, stands as the most popular choice for hearths. Its durability and minimal maintenance requirements make it an ideal selection, ensuring your hearth remains a stunning and functional centrepiece for years to come. Your hearth isn't just a hearth; it's the heart of your home.

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