New Colours Now in Stock! Oct23

We're thrilled to introduce our latest arrivals of beautiful granite and quartz that are set to transform your interiors. Our factory has been buzzing with excitement as we bring you a curated selection of these stunning natural stones that are not only aesthetically appealing but also durable..


Elegant. Stylish. Classic.

Portobello Grey: a beautiful natural marble with black veins on a white and grey background.


Natural. Durable. Unique.

Verde Lara: this 20mm thinner granite consists of green tones and captivating patterns, adding a touch of timeless sophistication to any space.

Wasabi Jade: 20mm granite consist of vibrant green hues and captivating veining. Why not create a statement in your new kitchen with this unique colour!

Royal Blue: one of the darker new 20mm granites with blue undertones.

White Alaska: consisting of soft greys and whites, a beautiful 20mm granite that will suit any kitchen design.

Colonial White: like White Alaska, this 20mm granite has slightly larger dark areas and more of a blue tint.

Olimpo Vintage: 20mm granite with a creamy white colour palette dotted with reddish specks.


Resilient. Versatile. Low Maintenance.

Calacatta Orion: a soft, white backdrop and subtle grey veining throughout the slab, this quartz is guaranteed to be the topic of conversation!

Fuji Mountain: slightly warmer grey with specs throughout.

Statuario Michelangelo: dramatic, thin veining on a white marble effect background.

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