Sustainable Surfaces: The New Normal?

Portman Stone are always striving towards a more sustainable business. In our efforts to help towards this, we would like to announce that Portman Stone have made an investment in Compac’s new range of 100% sustainable surfaces. In our modern world with an increased amount of waste being created and ending up in landfill, this is a new range aimed at protecting at recycling and reusing materials to protect our planet! This is a perfect fit for people who want to update their worktops who are also environmentally conscious. 

What is Compac and Obsidiana?

Compac is a Spanish brand we work closely with for many years. Having heard of their brand new Obsidiana range, we had to get involved. We always make sure we work with brands who are involved in sustainability and therefore, we are so pleased to be stocking brand new colours “Volcano Light” and “Volcano Grey.”  

“Volcano Light” consists of a white surface with grey veining and subtle sparkles going through it. Whereas “Volcano Grey” consists of a more solid grey colour with slight dark veining and subtle sparkles. These two new colours will make the perfect introduction to our customers at Portman Stone. The versatility of grey is one of the several contributing factors to its popularity. Whether you want a light and airy environment or a dark and sultry ambience, a grey kitchen countertop may be a stunning base colour. The sleek tone goes with every colour, making it a fashionable option that is unlikely to go out of style. Light greys have a natural sense, whilst deeper tones are more elegant and richer. Grey worktops will completely change a kitchen, giving it a distinctive character, which will last for years. 

100% Recycled Glass, 100% Recyclable

The new Obsidiana range is made using 100% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable, with the same features and level of finish as their other ranges. Glass worktops are becoming a lot more popular and are breaking boundaries in the sense that they provide both strength and sustainability. Modern technology has allowed recycled glass to be a very hard-wearing surface and environmentally friendly. It works by collecting waste such as bottles, glasses, or mirrors that are due to go into landfill, and repurposing them into worktops. 

Not for you? We have plenty more to offer...

At Portman Stone, we understand not every customer wants the same material or even the same colour. Therefore, we are extremely competitive on all our Sergio quartz range and offer various discounts on other materials throughout the year. Check out more on our materials section of our website here and the Obsidiana collection here.

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