Top 10 Christmas Kitchen Décor Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and what better way to get into the holiday season than decorating the heart of your home with some Christmas decor! There are endless ways you can add some festive sparkle to your kitchen. In this blog, we will be exploring our top 10 favourite Christmas kitchen décor items that will give your home some fun festive features. 


Now is it really Christmas without a poinsettia? They are considered the most popular plants during the festive season and are referred to as the Christmas Star due to the shape of their leaves. These plants would make a wonderful addition to any kitchen worktop. These lovely poinsettias can be found in most local supermarkets. 

Baby Christmas Trees

Baby Christmas trees are a perfect little addition to your kitchen this festive season! Many of your local supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and M&S are selling these cute baby trees at low prices. Some of the trees come decorated which are perfect but if they don’t, this gives you the opportunity to decorate them exactly the way you would like to!  

Christmas Cookies

One for the whole family to get involved! A delicious treat that can also be used as a festive decoration for your kitchen island. You can buy many Christmas cookie cutters in most supermarkets this time of year. If not, Amazon have a few to choose from such as these! There are endless designs and flavours to come up with so you won’t get bored! 

Snowflakes on windows 

Another family fun idea! Decorating your kitchen windows   will bring a beautiful festive atmosphere to the home. You can buy pre-made snowflakes or make them yourself. There are many tutorials on how to make these such as this one. 

Fairy Lights 

This doesn't necessarily only apply to Christmas, however by adding some fairy lights to your kitchen will create that warm ambience during these cold winter evenings. These fairy lights can be placed anywhere so get creative! 

Candy Canes

One of the most traditional Christmas sweets! This is one of the easiest ideas you can bring to life; just pop them into a mug or mason jar. It works as a decoration and a sweet treat for guests to have when they come over... or for yourself! 

Decorate Cones

There are endless ways to decorate pinecones. You could purchase some snowy spray and cover them with that or even spray paint them gold or silver! Make sure the cones are clean before you use them. This helpful video shows you how to create this beautiful and easy centre piece above. A great way to decorate your dining table or kitchen island! 

Festive Tea Towels

Another way to add a little Christmas sparkle to your kitchen is by purchasing a couple of festive tea towels. It’s a win-win, useful yet decorative. You can find these in any local supermarket, John Lewis or home store. 


Kitchen cabinet mini wreaths are an adorable addition to your cabinets this Christmas. They are so versatile, and you can really make them your own. You can buy them pre-made or make unique ones that have a personal touch. Tesco have these ones in stock in the image below or Waitrose have a lovely pre-made one coming soon with lights that you can purchase directly on their website here.  


Perfect to place on top of your kitchen island this winter. This will smell amazing and will have your entire house ready for Christmas with very little effort. This link will give you a tutorial on how to make your own with orange, cinnamon, and star anise! 

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