Calacatta Ivory

Calacatta Ivory

Calacatta Ivory unveils a distinctive charm with its almost mottled background, gracefully adorned by pencil-like veining that meander throughout the surface. This unique composition adds an artistic flair to any space, creating an image of subtle movement and sophistication. The interplay of warm and cool tones makes Calacatta Ivory an exceptional choice for those seeking a refined and visually captivating design.

Finish Polished
Thickness 20mm
Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm
25 years Warranty

Sergio Quartz offer a peace ofrnmind 25 year warranty for allrntheir Quartz range

Easy to Maintain

The Quartz surface is easy to keep clean by simply wiping the surface area with water and normal cleaning products to keep it stain free.


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