Dekton is a relatively new, unique, material that has carved out a section in the stone industry for the many benefits it possesses over its competitors. Dekton is an ultracompact surface that consists of a sophisticated blend of the raw material used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces.

The way in which it is produced means that the material is extremely scratch, heat and UV resistant – traits that no other type of stone, engineered or otherwise, can boast.

Dekton Kitchen Tundra

Dekton Kitchen Trilium

Dekton Lavabo Silence

Dekton Kitchen Taga

Dekton Caracteristicas

Dekton Ananke

Dekton Entzo

Dekton Fiord

Dekton Fossil

Dekton Gada

Dekton Galema

Dekton Halo

Dekton Irok

Dekton Kadum

Dekton Nayla

Dekton Manhattan

Dekton Makai

Dekton Lusso

Dekton Lumina

Dekton Korus

Dekton Keranium

Dekton Keon

Dekton Kelya

Dekton Kairos

Dekton Quatar

Dekton Ventus

Dekton Vienna

Dekton Sirius

Dekton Sirocco

Dekton Vortium

Dekton Zenith

Dekton Spectra

Dekton Splendor

Dekton Aldem

Dekton Strato

Dekton Trilium

Dekton Aura

Dekton Borea

Dekton Tundra

Dekton Valterra

Dekton Danae

Dekton Edora

Dekton Vegha

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