Recycled Glass

Compac’s Obsidiana is the latest range of worktops that are 100% sustainable. In today’s world, an increased amount of waste is being created and ending up in landfills. Therefore, this is a new range aimed at recycling and reusing materials to protect our planet. This is a perfect fit for people who want to update their worktops while being environmentally conscious.

Compac is a Spanish brand we have worked closely with for many years. They are one of the leading companies in the market for high-quality decorative surfaces. The new Obsidiana range is made using 100% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable, with the same features and level of finish as their other ranges. 


Quartz kitchen worktops are the perfect choice for those looking for quality, style and durability.

Quartz offers the very best of style and functionality.

As an engineered stone, quartz combines the benefits and looks of real stone but with the added advantage of being extremely hard wearing and low maintenance. Since quartz worktops are man-made to be exactly that – quartz worktops, all of the downsides to granite and marble have been eliminated.


A luxurious and unique product. Granite is a great choice for those who love the natural beauty of real stone.

Granite is a natural stone that is formed over the course of several million years during a process in which magma slowly cools and crystalises at high temperatures deep inside the earth, before finally reaching the Earth’s surface. This stone is then mined, treated and polished before being installed in your home!


Porcelain based worktops consist of a sophisticated blend of the raw material used to produce the very latest in high quality countertops that are almost completely fire, heat, scratch and UV resistant.

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