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A luxurious and unique product. Granite is a great choice for those who love the natural beauty of real stone.

Granite is a natural stone that is formed over the course of several million years during a process in which magma slowly cools and crystalises at high temperatures deep inside the earth, before finally reaching the Earth’s surface. This stone is then mined, treated and polished before being installed in your home!

At Portman Stone we have a collection of stock granites that you can view at our showroom. We would always recommend viewing the actual slabs that will be used for your worktops before proceeding as the nature of the product means that one slab can look completely different to another in the same material.

We use multiple high quality granite suppliers who source their natural stone from all across the globe.

Our Brands


Integrating fantastic marble, quartzite or granite kitchen worktops from Naturamia truly showcases excellence in the interior design of kitchens and bathrooms. Whether with granite or marble worktops, this durable and beautiful stone will capture the spotlight.

This Collection transforms rough natural stone slabs into an exclusive and contemporary designer product, adapting them to the most varied aesthetic universes.

Levantina offer a 10 year warranty on all Naturamia products.


Sensa is a range of granite by Cosentino that has a unique stain resistant protection applied to the surface of the stone. This means that the granite will maintain maximum functionality while remaining in perfect condition.

The Sensa granite range is curated by a team of experts and is constantly being reviewed. Each individual colour is unique to the range ensuring that your kitchen tops will be completely exclusive to your kitchen.

All Sensa granites come with a 15 year warranty as standard so you don’t have to worry!

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