Recycled Glass Worktops

  • ... 100% Sustainable Glass
  • ... 100% Recyclable
  • ... Zero porosity
  • ... No compromise on durability

Compac’s Obsidiana is the latest range of worktops that are 100% sustainable. In today’s world, an increased amount of waste is being created and ending up in landfills. Therefore, this is a new range aimed at recycling and reusing materials to protect our planet. This is a perfect fit for people who want to update their worktops while being environmentally conscious.

Compac is a Spanish brand we have worked closely with for many years. They are one of the leading companies in the market for high-quality decorative surfaces. The new Obsidiana range is made using 100% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable, with the same features and level of finish as their other ranges. 

Glass worktops are becoming a lot more popular and are breaking boundaries in the sense that they provide both strength and sustainability. Modern technology has allowed recycled glass to be a very hard-wearing surface and environmentally friendly. It works by collecting waste such as bottles, glasses, or mirrors that are due to go into landfill, and repurposing them into worktops.   

Compac provides a lifetime* warranty for all Compac customers who register after installation. To have a look at the full warranty, click here. 

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Compac are one of the most reputable engineered stone brands in the world, whose focus covers a broad range of products including quartz and marble, as well as a sustainable recycled glass option. Their Unique brand of quartz aims to inspire a trend in the world of design, with some of their quartz being created by internationally renowned designers.

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