Referral Rewards

From 1 November 2021, all customers who refer a friend to Portman Stone will receive a
£100 gift card, subject to the Portman Stone Referral Rewards Terms and Conditions*.
The referrer will have a choice of £100 John Lewis gift card or £100 Amazon gift card.
Portman Stone Referral Rewards Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Referral Rewards scheme is only open to customers who have previously
    purchased kitchen worktops with Portman Stone.
  2. To make a valid referral, the referrer must inform Portman Stone before the person
    referred is quoted. The best practice would be to call Portman Stone and let them
    know the person being referred is coming into the showroom or making an online
  3. There is only one Referral Reward per customer referred.
  4. Two people cannot separately refer the same customer.
  5. If a referral is sent by multiple customers, the referral submitted first will be deemed
    as the referrer.
  6. Referrals will be deemed as ineligible if an existing client refers their own company
    or a franchisee.
  7. To constitute a successful referral, the referred person must complete an order to
    the value of a minimum of £2,000.00 plus VAT.
  8. The Referrer may be named in communication between Portman Stone and the
    Referred business.
  9. The Gift Card will only be issued for valid referrals, once the new client’s product has
    been successfully installed.
  10. The Gift Card will be issued within 90 days of the new client’s the installation date.
  11. Portman Stone reserve the right to change the Referral Reward at any point.
  12. The gift card is non-transferable and there is no cash substitute.
  13. Once the gift card is issued any queries regarding the use must be taken up with the
    company of which the gift card originates.
  14. The Referral Rewards scheme is available to UK residents only.
  15. In the event of any disputes regarding any Referred person, the decision of Portman
    Stone is final.
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